Your Return On Engagement


The  world is talking.  Are you listening?

Millions of conversations are taking place every day.

Social ROE can help you, your business, your campaign, your organization,

....make sense of the chatter.

We can filter out the significant from the superfluous

and help you gain superior insight into the major issues affecting you and your competitors.


Are you a protagonist, a socialist, a spiritualist, a naturalist? Or just an 'ist? Your voice needs to be an expression of your philosophy and character.  Cat got your tongue?  We help you find your voice and make sure it gets all the attention you need.


Our listening application will help you understand your audience and your competitors in real time: what they care about, what engages them, what influences them.

Amplify your marketing strategy and preserve your competitive advantage.  Succeed in the connected world.



We determine what channels suit you and how to properly manage them. We know how to guarantee a return on your engagement. We have been strategic planners for years working on large brands, small brands and political campaigns. We can help you build a plan that works.


You need reporting that tells the story, provides analysis, benchmarks and competitive insight. You need it now, and it has to reflect what is taking place right up to the minute. You also need alerts, automatic distribution and be able to customize it on the fly. Your reporting tool needs to be super easy to use, and completely customizable without programming. Ours is.


We will draw conclusions about how your social media coverage is unfolding and provide advice regarding how to best respond in key areas. Including how to reach out and engage important influencers to take advantage of positive reaction and ensure factual coverage of you and your topics.


Social media is about engaging your audience in conversation. Our goal is to help you build a positive, sustainable and loyal community who will become your advocates. We promise a return on engagement.  Your social media strategy should address the needs of your audience while also driving business objectives.


 The Team at Social ROE are amazing.  They have been managing our Social media for 8 months now.  Not only have we seen our numbers grow significantly but more importantly they really get us.  WE are much better connected to our customers and the tone of our conversation really suits our business.  They are completely responsive and very strategic.  Thank you so much.  We highly, highly recommend them.

Jane Szabo, Assistant General Manager The Deerfoot Inn and Casino Canada

I have worked in public opinion and research with Gallup, Decima and Angus Reid for over 25 years.  The need to monitor and analyse social media has become a crucial and fundamental aspect of our business.   The ROE listening tool is one of the best I have seen, extremely robust, and easy to use.  We are able to provide keen insight and analysis as never before.  This tool gives our company a competitive advantage.   And, we are adding clients and increasing revenue as a direct result.

Bruce Cameron, President ROI (Return on Insight) Canada

A word about our founder: In the world of learning there are a lot of average people who work for companies who do average work, and then sometimes you find an outstanding leader who performs beyond expectation, will go the extra mile and has a generous as well as innovative spirit - that person for me has been Peter Jurisic. Peter has never disappointed, never let me down and always gone above and beyond, what else could I say!

Chris Gaborit, The Learning Factor, Australia

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